Sunday, 29 January 2012

Celine Installation by Cigue Paris

Love it. 

Aussie's Rock-Amazing Aesop

 I fell in love with was Aesop back in Australia in 1998.  Aesop remains my favourite brand, it smells amazing and doesnt contain anything that will make you grow a third arm.

The new Soho London store is designed by French Design/Architecture studio Cigue, the interior is simple and worth a visit even if cosmetics aren't your thing (They will be once you try Aesop).  The staff are lovely, passionate about the products, into design and not too cool for school.

Cigue also designed the Aesop Installation in May Paris?  I would love this in my bathroom.

The rejuvenate body balm smells insanely good, it makes boys/girls/everyone fall in love because it smells out of this world.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Edinburgh Hogmanay Light Procession

Bamburgh Castle

547 was the first written reference of the castle.  Bamburgh is a stunning seaside village.  While we only did a drive by (and encountered some very rude staff in 2 of the pubs)  It looks like a great spot to put up a tent and spend a few days swimming in the freezing sea over the Summer.